I cannot complain, I did not graduate in a global pandemic. My four years at college were normal, filled with friends, parties, alcohol, and the occasional class. I graduated with a degree in history, leaving me jobless at graduation. I applied to every which job I could find, qualified or not, until I became a nanny. That nanny job turned into a at-home paraprofessional homeschool educator for a special needs child. And then that job led me to a year of service at City Year, Americorps. In the middle of a global pandemic, I capitalized on an opportunity to continue a path towards education.

I left home, moved two states away, and work from home in my tiny apartment that costs a whole paycheck. In this transitory period, I realized how many people across different walks of life are in a similar position as I am, unsure. Afraid to make a decision that will lead one down a certain path of no return, seemingly in a walk of life with no path for upward mobility, and grappling with the monstrosity that is "What am I doing with my life?"

Maybe the pandemic has helped with this feeling among us 20-somethings that feel as though we are a fish out of water, flopping along the shoreline, praying the sea will take us back in the right direction. As for me, I cannot say whether or not I want to continue my path in education. I have never been known to make decisions quite so easily. But I do know, I have been lucky enough to use this time to develop skills, increase my leadership, learn, and read all from behind my laptop screen. My story is not over, it has barely begun. However, I am not waiting for the sea, I am out looking for it.