What 2020 took from me, but what 2020 also gave me

Several children's hands hold a handmade sign for Black Lives Matter

I think everyone can agree that 2020 was.. interesting. 2020 took a lot of things from me. I feel as if the bad part of 2020 started earlier for people in my community. I live in Cookeville Tennessee for school, and on March 3rd, a tornado ripped through my town and Nashville. It took lives and it took homes. We are still trying to rebuild, but this also showed me how people care for one another in my town.

2020 also took the opportunity for me to see my grandmother with Alzheimer's because she is in a memory care facility. It took half of my college experience. It took my mental health on a whirlwind. It took my breath away sometimes because of how people act.. I have sat up most nights worrying about the kids I work with because they are taking this the hardest. When George Floyd was murdered and the protests started they asked me some questions I just couldn't answer.. "Ms.H. why do people hate me because of my skin color?". That question broke me. Even though 2020 took things from me, it also gave me things.

It gave me the strength to stand up for what I believe in. It gave me one of the best friendships I've ever had. It gave me the outlet to realize that everyone is going through something, so don't be so upset when people can't do things. It gave me my love back for people. Together we can rebuild our country and get back to normal, but we have to do it together. So mask up, realize black lives matter, and we need to get back to being an America that cares for ALL of its citizens, and not just a select few