Ada Davis: She Still Whispers - A Poem of the Impact of Losing our Mother

She still whispers...

I see her everywhere

I turn my focus to;

Sometimes I think it is too much to bear Helpless, not knowing what to do.

What can bring our hearts some solace?

What can bring comfort at such a time?

No answer to who, what, when or why,

Only questions remain on my mind.

What lingers now, what most I miss

Is her inviting smile that could charm the world?

A sister's hug, a wife's sweet kiss

A nana's embrace a mother's tenderness.

Rich was she in love and God's Holy Spirit A true measure of her wealth Day after day, truth beget truth Always 100% giving of herself.

She gave herself to family, to friends,

To God, to country equally unfurled.

Till even the day she went up to home

She gave herself to the world.

Loving her neighbor, forgiving all

Bringing God's truth to surface;

An outstretched hand, an open heart

All symbols of her purpose.

Her life was full... with love

Devoted fully, faithfully to one man

As they walked the earth together,

United with one another hand and hand.

To her children she remains forever more The pillar of their strength As a friend, matriarch, and provider for them She went to any length.

As a sister, she led her family

Helping to blossom her siblings' love.

As a leader, and a peacemaker; an example She stood as a serene and gracious dove.

As a grandmother, she loved incessantly

With a tireless warm embrace.

As proud as anyone could be

For you could see it on her face.

As a friend, she was an illustration

Of the loyalty most of us seek.

A shoulder to cry on, a mountain of strength, When you were at your lowest peak.

She still whispers... And we shall NEVER FORGET

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