Another Day I Will Never Forget

first day I will never forget is the day President Kennedy was assassinated. The second day was the day Robert Kennedy was assassinated. I was 13 when President Kennedy was assassinated. I was in college in summer school when Mother told me Senator Kennedy had died. I was 51 and home the day those planes flew into the towed. Then we learned a plane had disappeared in Pennsylvania and an attack on the Pentagon. I mainly watched Peter Jennings coverage though out the weekend. It was unbelievable. We saw people trapped on upper stories jump out of windows to their certain deaths.

Years later I was looking through a World Almanac and learned 9-11 was Assad's birthday. I am 71 now and remain in Baton Rouge. I lost my youngest brother 2 and a half years ago. He is inurned in Baton Rouge National Cemetery. I remember 9/11 every year. Children born after their parent or parents died. I remember the grace of George and Laura Bush. I remember firemen running into the Towers. I will no longer stay above the 3rd floor in a hotel. I want this generation to know that day.

We have a program in my non-profit that if someone loses a loved one someone will send them birthday cards or Christmas card or just be there to listen.

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