Changed Forever

I was a senior in high school when it happened. I went on a field trip to Sandy Point State Park with my AP Environmental Science class that day. I had just come back to our picnic area when two police cars showed up. We were ordered back on the bus and escorted to our school just a few miles away. From there we were told to sit in the school auditorium and we waited… and waited. All of a sudden the doors opened and parents and siblings flooded in crying. All I could hear was “ we can’t get ahold of dad!” or “ they don’t know if it is over yet”. All students were immediately sent home. It was the first time I had ever heard an emergency alert on the radio that wasn’t a drill… but I still didn’t know what had happened. I got back to my house and my mom called me because she couldn’t get ahold of my grandmother… she lived in DC. I spent that day on the sofa watching the news while we desperately tried to get ahold of my grandmother…. Luckily she was ok. My life changed that day. I spent my senior year seeing tanks and guards posted at the Naval Academy…. My freshman year of college watching the fall of Sadam…. My wedding almost postponed because of deployments…. That day changed everyone.

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