Class Is Over!

My social justice class had just settled in their seats at Archbishop Carroll High School. The PA system announced that the Channel 1 news show would begin momentarily. This was a customary class time interruption that the students enjoyed. As I walked around collecting homework, students waited to see what Mario would give them the scoop on. All of a sudden the screen showed a building burning and then a planet crashing into another building.

We were not sure whether we still had Channel l News or whether our station had been changed. Then, students’ cell phones began to make all kinds of discreet noises. My prized student answered his because his dad kept calling.

I demanded his phone and walked towards him to confiscate it. He started to cry that his mother was in the Pentagon. Another plane had hit the Pentagon and his father was coming to get him! Most students began answering their phones. Parents began appearing at my classroom door to pick up their high school students! The class remained over its scheduled time.

Once a semblance of calm had been restored, some of us prayed for friends and family who were endangered. Some students just put their heads down and cried. Finally, the main office turned off the TV. School was dismissed early.



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