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I was in Upstate New York, attending Hudson Valley Community College on September 11, 2001. The weather up there was much the same as in New York City that day. On that morning I was in an 8AM class, not quite awake and staring out the window. The view from the campus, high on a high, looked out westward over the Hudson River and towards Albany.

I have no way of verifying this and I am not an expert on the normal flight patterns around Albany, but during that time of my life I had stared out those windows at that time of day many times and so this stuck out to me: I noticed a plane, lower than I'd expect, not seeming to be taking off from the Albany airport, lower than what cruising altitude looked like for airlines just going by, arcing around Albany and headed southward. It seems out of place.

When class let out a little while later I found others had heard about the news of the attacks which had just transpired in the moments before, TVs were pulled into the lobby of the building I was in and I saw their collapse on TV.

In the days that followed, I saw the many diagrams in the media about the plane hijackings and can't help but think I was maybe looking at American Airlines Flight 11 many tens of minutes before its purposeful collision with the World Trade Center.

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