How 9/11 Changed my Life

Wow! Can I write a book then send it to you! Where do i start?

That dreadful day 9/11. I was staying with friends. I heard someone yelling the world is coming to a end. I found out what was going on in New York. Put on the T.V. Watched the towers come down. For days I was in a state of shock.

How dare terrorists did that to the N.Y. and other locations. Growing up in N.J. that was where we would eat pizza, go see live music, and drink beer!

Something inside was calling me. Go to N.Y. volunteer do anything that mite help the city. And bring my camera. You could not volunteer. You needed to be in a union. So I walked around talked to folks took photos. Was so painful to visit the fire stations. I was getting numb from taking in so much sorrow and tears. Went back to Ma. and lots friends etc. Said you photos are very special. Someone told me the Smithsonian was putting together a 9/11 exhibit.

Most folks said Doug they will not even look at my photos. Because I am a unknown in the photography world. Well I called any way. Mitchell D. in invited me to Washington. Let's see what you have. Well! The committee took 27 photos. And one was chosen to be the closing photo of the exhibit. What a honor! I was asked if I wanted money or donate the photos. I could not take a penny. So many died and suffered. Then a book was made from my photos. The Ground Zero Memorial gave us permission to use the list of all the victims for the book. And the assistant curator wrote the forward in the book. The cover of the book photo " American Heart" shows real unity and healing. Hangs in many Fire Stations, Police Stations, used by Veterans and so much more. I have countless more stories!

Ps. I have photos on the 9/11 Witness to History exhibit. On the Smithsonian web site you can use.

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