I was in gym class

I was in 7th grade on September 11 2001. It was an ordinary day, I had just started middle school and was in gym class. One of my clearest memories from that day is that they refused to tell us anything, just that school was canceled and our parents were picking us up. I went to a friends house and didn't learn about what happened until I got home that night.

My neighborhood lost 5 people at the Pentagon that morning. A family of four on the plane and a woman working. One of the girls in the family was my brothers age and in his class in elementary school. My brother had the biggest crush on her. The funeral was so hard. Half of the neighborhood showed up.

I don't remember being scared. My mom says it was terrifying with fighter jets flying all over the state since we lived so close to The District.

I still think about the people my childhood neighborhood lost every year.

For a small town of 1100 houses it was a devastating loss.

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