Life is for the Living

It started as a normal day for me as a secretary in the athletic office of our local high school. Then it happened. My husband called me and told me about the twin towers.

We had made arrangements to go out for dinner as this was our 35th wedding anniversary. We discussed whether we should go out and then decided that we would still go out and celebrate. When we arrived at the restaurant there was only one other family there celebrating a 16th birthday dinner.

So that has changed everything for me. Every year I feel like I am not allowed to celebrate my wedding anniversary because we are supposed to honor the ones that died in the attacks. Ever since then we are reminded of the deaths and devastation that happened on that day. Well, there are happiness and celebrations that also happen on that day. Every year I cannot listen to all the news reports on the 9-11 accident. It is very overwhelming.

After 20 years, I still feel that I should keep quiet about my anniversary and birthdays around the would being celebrated. Why? We need to remember what happened on 9-11 but ALSO celebrate life.

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