For me as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, 9/11 seemed unreal

On 9/11, I was at Peace Corps headquarters in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, after coming to the capital for a dental checkup. Sitting on a couch with other volunteers, I watched cable TV news from the US, hearing the announcer say that a plane had crashed into one of New York’s twin towers as that image appeared on screen. Then, a short time later, we saw another such collision live on TV, indicating it was no accident. This was followed by a plane crashing into the Pentagon, then another imploding in an empty field. We stayed watching TV in silence, trying to figure out what was going on. Our director announced over an intercom that the US had been attacked and we were to stay where we were until further notice. Hondurans were shocked that the mighty USA had endured such attacks. Images appeared on the front pages of all the papers. After a couple of days, we were allowed to go back to our Peace Corps sites. That year, in 2001, I returned to the States for Christmas, suddenly encountering rigorous airline passenger screening. After leaving the airport outside DC, we passed by the Pentagon, which was partially destroyed, so then the attack really hit home for me.

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