We lived about 1 hour southeast of DC at the time. My husband had already dropped our oldest off at school and was on his way to work in DC. I turned on the TV to see what was happening that morning and they were showing the Twin Towers, one of which was on fire. As I watched the 2nd plane flew into the 2nd tower. I was staring at the tv incomprehensible and heard a small voice behind me say, “Mommy, turn that off, it’s scary”.  I turned and realized our youngest had just gotten up and walked out of her bedroom.

I grabbed her, and turned off the tv but not before I heard that a plane was heading to the Pentagon. I called my husband to see if he made it to work, and thankfully he was safe. Close to noon that day the school called and asked that we pick up our children. By evening everyone was safe at home.

Another mother at the school our children attended and friend of mine told me the next day that they had been friends with the pilot of the American Airlines plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Her husband was also a pilot for AA and she was a stewardess for AA. That flight was a regular flight for her husband but that day, he had not been scheduled.

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