My Grandmother's Account

I was a toddler when 9/11 happened, so I do not have any memory of the tragedy. My grandparents were in Ireland at the time. Here is my grandma's account as told to me:

"We were out of the country visiting Ireland so didn’t share in the emotional times back home. We were all impressed how deeply affected were the Irish surrounding us. Our B and B owners were crying in front of the TV. They knew their income from the tourists would disappear plus many had children whose careers were in the financial world or law enforcement; many were in New York City. Also all the village churches had Books of Condolences outside on a stand for villagers to sign, to be sent later to NYC. We finally got to return home on our scheduled time but couldn’t leave earlier.

Just thought I’d share with you where we were on that awful day. The day started with Grandpa and his friends playing golf, they learned on the golf course. My friends and myself had gone shopping and were waiting for a taxi outside a little shop; the shop keeper had his TV on and we all heard the news break! We all wanted to be with our families!"

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