Pentagon Survivor

I worked at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 as an Air Force civilian (I am also a retired Air Force pilot) and experienced the horror of that day personally. After September 11th, I was asked repeatedly about my experiences that day by friends and by my large family (8 brothers and sisters).  It was hard to explain how it changed me, so, being an amateur poet, I decided to put my feelings and experiences down on paper.  I wrote the attached poem in the weeks after September 11th and I sent my poem to my family and a few of my colleagues in the Pentagon.  My poem was shared by many and was published in an Air Force publication, "The Air Force Information Bulletin" on October 11, 2001, the day of the Pentagon Memorial Service at the Pentagon.   The poem is an emotional  recollection of my experiences that day, as they happened.  Every year on September 11th, I read it and send it to my family members as a way to keep my memories of that day fresh.

The Information Bulletin publication was 21 pages long, so I have just attached the coversheet of the Air Force Information Bulletin an then pages 17 and 18, which are my poem.

Everyone who has read it say they were moved by my words and I sincerely hope anyone who reads it now will also understand the affect that day had on me and all Americans.

Thank You,

Tim B

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