Reality Dawned

I worked from home on 9/11 in 2001,  feeling a bit under the weather.

On-screen chatter from the living room TV faded to white noise as I typed.

Abruptly, the background chatter surfaced, commanding my attention.

I stopped typing.

I walked down the hall.

I stared at the TV.

The Twin Towers collapsed.


My mind raced to explain the image.

What’s going on?

A preview for a new disaster movie?

It can’t be real.

It’s not real.

The Twin Towers came down again.

And again.

And again.

Time moved forward.

Reality dawned.

The Pentagon billowed smoke from its walls and roof.

Panicked people streamed from buildings in terror and tears.

A captive passenger on a hijacked plane uttered his last words . . . “I love you.”

Reality dawned . . .


Such a dark day on the planet.

I hugged my husband.

Safe at home.

Just slightly under the weather.


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