Realizing the real world

I was nowhere near New York, but the effect it had on me was immense. I was 18 years old and fresh out of high school. I just started my first full time job in an office. I remember showing up to work and not having a clue to what was to unfold that day. Being 2001, we did not have smart phones, nor did our office have a TV. We relied on hearsay and the radio throughout the day. Sheer terror, panic and sadness came with each announcement over the radio. From when the second plane hit until they finally grounded all of air travel and hearing jet after jet fly over our city from our local air force base. It was a day of disbelief. A day of loss.

A day when I realized the real world wasn't as full of peace as I thought it was. My eyes were opened to pain and sorrow, but also unity. Everyone immediately became unified. Everyone prayed for each other and offered help and came together as a community, no matter what state you were from.

Through this tragedy, the country was one. Even though it has been 20 years,

I still think about that day everyday that I walk into my high-rise building for work. My prayers still go out to all of the families affected.

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