Two Presidents in Ohio

Just days before September 11th, I attended a high school field trip to the University of Toledo where I saw U.S. President Bush and Mexico’s President Fox speak together. It was a large event and many schools were in attendance.

On the morning of September 11th, I was a hall monitor at Toledo School for the Arts. A student rushed past me saying, “It’s World War III. Go see the teachers. ” I remember thinking that there’s no way that WW3 is happening. We just saw two presidents of two different nations speak together just days ago.

I soon finished my hall monitor duties. When I arrived in my next class, the staff had wheeled in a TV on a cart and set the channel to the news station. I remember the sounds of the TV were clearly audible, but other than the sounds of students breathing it remained silent. We all watched the screen in horror. Then, the news came on of the second plane hitting the tower. That is when reality sunk in. A female student in a younger grade was sitting on the opposite side of the table directly across from me. Her back was to me. When the news came on of the second tower crumbling down she wailed, “My uncle is in there!” She made eye contact with only me, and then she ran out of the classroom in tears.

I never will forget seeing two Presidents just days before in my hometown, someone telling me World War III is happening, watching the TV in horror and seeing a younger classmate witness her uncle’s death right before her eyes.

This was a moment that I will always remember. We Will Never Forget.

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