Unbelievable Day

Worked for Federal government next to U.S. Capital and Union Station. Received a call from my husband who told me that a plane had hit one of the twin towers in NYC. Next call, again, another tower hit. I disrupted a meeting with my Director and supervisor to inform them.

After seeing the tragedy on television, we were told that another plane was on its way to hit either the Capital or White House and we were told to leave. My son worked nearby and as we drove over the 14th Street bridge into VA, we saw the explosion at the Pentagon and could smell the fuel oil.

So so sad as I grew up in Arlington next to the Pentagon. After arriving home in Springfield, VA, the atmosphere was extremely quiet, no air traffic, cars.

We have a friend who was a pilot for American Airlines and could not locate him until finally his dad said he had taken the day off to go fishing. The plane that hit the Pentagon would have been his flight but he had switched days. He retired soon after.

People relived that day over and over. They were friendlier. Over time, the events of that day seem to fade away. It is good, I believe, to educate our school children not only for 911 events but the history of our nation during past wars, WWI, WWII, Korean, etc. to salute all those who were innocent and sacrificed their lives for our nation.

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