Walking Through STNY psychology department

It was early morning at the State University of New York while walking through the psychology department, I saw the astonishing look on every students face standing in the department secretary's office. As I began to ask what was going on, a student pointed to a black and white TV on the secretary's desk, which showed the first tower in flames. As I proceeded to watch, I saw a plane hit the second tower and knew our country was under attack. I actually lost my breath and fell to the floor as I had never witnessed anything like it.

I just cried and thought about my 2 toddlers in daycare. I immediately left the campus to get my children because I wasn't sure if our whole country would soon be under attack. During what seemed like the longest drive of my life to get my children from daycare, the radio announced that the Pentagon had just been hit by a plane. Shortly after, another announcement of a plane crash in Pennsylvania, which apparently was headed toward the White House. When I arrived at the daycare, everyone around was crying as frantic parents were rushing in to pick up their children. I did not leave the house with my children for 5 days in fear that something else was going to happen and I wanted to protect my two young sons.

The news was a fixture in my home for the next six months, fearing that our country would experience another terrorist attack. Soon after the 911 attacks, depression followed for another six months fearing for our lives.

Moreover, the constant news about the unimaginable lives lost added to my depression. To this day, I still cry when I see documentaries on 9/11 and see the pain of those families left behind. God Bless the USA!

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