Watched in own Pearl Harbor....

I am the daughter of a Pearl Harbor Survivor and a military spouse. Watching the Today show in San Diego before going into work as a Defense Contractor was a part of my daily ritual. I sat on my couch and watched in horror the planes go into the Twin Towers. I screamed to my husband to get up...we're being attacked. I called my parents in Virginia Beach...they watched also then it was hours before I could reach them again. I hurried to get out to get to the office. My boss was frantic saying he had to get his family out of the area...I told him to calm down that this was how they wanted you to act....get to work instead and beat them!!!!

We lost a boss on the flight that went into the Pentagon. I lost a dear friend on his first day of reserves in the Pentagon and his wife was 7 months pregnant. It was two weeks before we heard planes in the sky again. That I couldn't get back to Virginia to help my family if I wanted to was really hard. I didn't go back until Christmas.

The day changed my view that I will step up to protect and defend our democracy to my dying days...whether by my work or by my actions...if you see something, say something. I go to Arlington to remember my friends...also, 14 Naval Academy grads that died that day. I came back continue to work...and have recently retired. I have my 9/11 Flag in my front yard. I'll never forget.

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