Watching the 2nd tower live, in the 4th grade

I was in my 4th grade class in central Florida on September 11, 2001. There was an announcement to my teacher from the front office to turn on the news.

A couple minutes later, we watched the 2nd tower get hit live. The teacher abruptly turned off the TV. We all waited in silence looking at each other afterwards.

My grandma was a guidance counselor at the school and once she heard that we saw the tower being hit on TV took me home where we convened with my mom, brother, uncles, and cousins watching the TV and discussing what happened.

Later on I discovered the documentary made about those that made the incredibly brave decision to jump from the towers. It still haunts me to see those blurry images of bodies falling.

Fourteen years later I somehow ended up in Washington DC and started work at a Naval facility. I noticed in the hallway above the corridor there was a quote by an "Angela H." If you look at the Pentagon memorial page, there is a list she made about her time at CNO-IP. One of my coworkers frequently discussed and shared stories about one of the victims that worked at our agency, Angela M. Houtz. He gave me a DvD he made about her life when he retired. I hope her family finds comfort that her name is still remembered by those that knew her and those that didn't.

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