Were the planes ours or someone else's?

I was 10 years old on the September 11th attack, and growing up on Manhattan's lower west side about 2.5 miles from the World Trade Center.

I was attending school uptown when someone came to my classroom and handed my teacher a note then quickly left. My teacher, adjusted his glasses and announced that the World Trade Center had collapsed. At first my 10 year old mind did not know what he was talking about (I knew the buildings as the twin towers), but had it explained to me shortly after. While some kids chatted about it, others were calm. My teacher was calm, so I was too. Then kids started getting picked up from school by their parents; one then two, then five. Soon I was one of the few left and began to be worried why I was not getting picked up. Thankfully my mother and father did arrive to drive me home. We made it a few miles downtown, about to the 40s but were not allowed to continue due to police barricades. My mother and I got out to walk while my father took another route with the car. I remember people on the street saying it was an attack, and my mother was very scared. There seemed to be many planes and helicopters above us, and we did not know if the planes were ours or someone else's. As we continued downtown the smoke began to be all you could see. After we got home, my brother and I were sent to stay at our grandmother's house for a week or so on Long Island before returning to school and learning terms like "terrorist" and "Al Qaeda" alongside my regular 5th grade curriculum.

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