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As might be expected, there is not much public information available about the design of nuclear submarine propellers. Nevertheless, there are a few bits and pieces, some of which are below:

John Pike, "Run Silent, Run Deep," (Washington, DC: Federation of American Scientists Website (December 1998))

Naval Ships' Technical Manual, Chapter 561 - Submarine Steering and Diving Systems - 114 pages. See p. 1-5 (16), Fig. 561-1-1. Typical Stern Diving Control System for SSN 637 and SSBN 640 Class. Downloadable pdf document @

Marek Behr, "Models of Spinning and Translating Geometries,"

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Neal Stevens, "AKULA! The Soviet Shark," SUBSIM Review (November 1999), 6pp.

Roderick Seeman, "Toshiba Case—COCOM - Foreign Exchange & Foreign Trade Control Revision," The Japan Lawletter (April 1987).

Chris Warren, biography (click on images)

Mary Zoccola, "Signatures Accomplishments Highlighted," Wavelengths (December 1998).


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