Attack Center: Ship Control Station

Ballast Control Panel and Flood Control Gauge Board

Ballast on a submarine is essentially weight, in the form of water, which controls the depth and trim (angle) of the boat. Filling the main ballast tanks at the bow and stern of the boat with water allows the submarine to surface or dive. Pumping water between variable ballast tanks along the submarine's hull, along with the planes, controls the water depth once the boat is submerged. To bring the boat to the surface, compressed air blows the water from the ballast tanks.

Controlling the precise depth near or below the water surface is one of the most critical operations on a submarine. Proper depth control allows a submarine to remain exactly deep enough for periscope viewing, avoid obstacles (especially in polar operations), hide from enemies, or dive quickly to avoid interception.

Ballast Control Panel
Attack Center Alarms
Conn Central Display Panel
Damage Control Bill
Emergency Blow Activator
Electronic Surveillance Receiver


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