1. Introduction
2. Submarine and Cold War History

Cold War Timeline

Origins of the Cold War

American Society & Culture in the Cold War
Submarines in the Cold War
The War in Korea

A Different Kind of War

Nuclear Deterrence
Controversy and Opposition
America's Wars in Vietnam

The End of the Cold War
The Cost of Submarines

Submarines Before Nuclear Power

Early American Submarines

Model of the USS Holland
Simon Lake and the Argonaut

After the Holland
Submarines in World War II
The Submarine Revolution

USS Tiru Guppy Submarine
First Nuclear Submarine, USS Nautilus
Father of the Nuclear Navy
The Snorkel

3. Construction and Anatomy of a Nuclear Submarine

Building Submarines and Training Submariners

Shipyards for Building & Maintaining Submarines
Shipyard Workers
Maintaining Submarines
Training Submariners

Submarine Anatomy

Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines
Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile Submarines
Soviet Submarines

4. Submarine Weapons

Submarine Armament

Cruise Missiles
Other Submarine Armament

Ballistic Missiles

Attack Center Indicator Panel
Nuclear Test

5. Nuclear Submarines at Work

Exploring the Subarine Environment

Submarine Scientific Research
Nuclear Submarines in Exploration
Acoustic Workstation

Submarine Missions

Nuclear Deterrence
Anti-Submarine Warfare
Special Operations

6. Operating a Nuclear Submarine

Attack Center

Ship Control Station

Ballast Control Panel
Attack Center Alarms
Conn Central Display Panel
Damage Control Bill
Emergency Blow Activator
Electronic Surveillance Receiver


Sonar Room

Submarine Power & Propulsion

Nuclear Reactor
Submarine Propulsion

The Loss of the Thresher

Auxiliary Systems

Life Aboard a Nuclear Submarine

Damage Control
Eating and Leisure
Family Contact

7. Life Ashore

Family Support, Supporting Families
The Submarine Family

8. Present and Future

Trimming the Submarine Fleet
Post Cold War Missions
Continuing Technical Progress

9. Further Information / Acknowledgements

Links to Other Submarine Web Sites
Further Reading

Angles and Dangles