History in Real Time: Undocumented Organizing


History is the story we tell about how change happens over time. But who writes this history of change? How does the answer to this question shape what is written down and remembered? Often people who make history are not given voice in the telling. How would history be different if it were written with or by the people making history? With the people making change? Watch a program bringing together museum professionals and undocumented organizers to discuss what a history of the undocumented movement might look like—and who should be its authors.

This program, held on February 26, 2021, is part of the museum’s ongoing efforts to explore how people and movements—from emancipation to suffrage to civil rights—make change in our democracy. Through past, current, and future exhibitions and programs, we draw on the perspectives of a variety of policymakers, thought leaders, politicians, and change-makers to continue to explore the complicated history of who gets to be an American.