Survival, Compassion, and Connection: Jung Woo Kim on Organizing through Mutual Aid


Jung Woo Kim speaks about his work organizing mutual aid for the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) during the COVID crisis. NAKASEC asked members to contribute what they could to help other undocumented people survive job loss and large medical bills. Jung Woo describes how sharing resources restores people physically, spiritually, emotionally, and politically by establishing a connection with others.

Learning Lab: Organizing Through Mutual Aid

Chinese study guide, 1930s
Chinese study guide, 1930s
How can the past help us understand the present?

Connect past and present through the Learning Lab to discover how issues impacting undocumented communities have deep roots in the nation’s history. In Organizing through Mutual Aid, we explore the Smithsonian’s collections to understand how people have organized within their communities to help one another throughout history. These objects provide the opportunity to consider democracy at the local level.