New Banknote Security Features and Designs

Polymer Banknotes

​​​​​​More than thirty countries around the world have replaced some of their paper notes with plastic notes, called polymer notes. Polymer notes were first issued in Australia in 1988 and are believed to be more durable and harder to counterfeit than paper notes. These notes include new security features, such as clear lenses, that are difficult to imitate and cannot be achieved with paper notes.

10 Dollar Note, Australia, 1988

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The New U.S. 100 Dollar Bill

In 2013 the U.S. government released a redesigned 100 dollar note made from paper with enhanced security features, including a 3D blue security ribbon and a color-changing image of a bell, as well as new artwork on the reverse. With these changes, the 100 dollar note is more colorful and complex than its predecessor.

100 Dollar Note, United States, 2013

100 Dollar Note, United States, 1996