Meet a Philanthropist

A Conversation With Helen LaKelly Hunt

November 14, 2018

Helen LaKelly HuntJoin philanthropist and women’s funding leader Helen LaKelly Hunt in the Smithsonian’s first Meet a Philanthropist program.

Dr. Amanda B. Moniz, the museum’s David M. Rubenstein Curator of Philanthropy, speaks with Hunt about co-founding Women Moving Millions, a global network of donors who have given $1 million or more to advancing women and girls globally. Learn about Hunt’s efforts to catalyze women philanthropists and elevate the stories of notable women givers by literally writing them into history.

Helen LaKelly Hunt is one of a small army of women who helped to seed the women’s funding movement. In addition to Women Moving Millions, she also co-founded The Dallas Women’s Foundation, The New York Women’s Foundation, and The Women’s Funding Network. She is the author of Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance. Her recent book, And the Spirit Moved Them, The Lost Radical History of America’s First Feminists, shares the inspiring story of the abolitionist feminists. Her private foundation, The Sister Fund, focuses on faith, feminism and relationship. Hunt was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2001.



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Helen LaKelly Hunt on Lucretia Mott


Helen LaKelly Hunt on Women Moving Millions



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