Stories of Resilience

“Stories of Resilience” explores how diverse Americans in different times and places have affirmed each other’s humanity in trying times. The people in these histories faced various crises or obstacles: a riot and fire in an African American Philadelphia neighborhood in 1849; the dangers of silver mine cave-ins in 1870s Nevada; Latina/o experiences of war in the 1900s; unequal access to healthcare in 1970s’ Manhattan Chinatown; and the needs of a global community on an out-of-the-way Michigan island in the 1990s. These stories are testaments to people’s ability to come together to support one another through challenging times.


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Carlos Martinez

When he reflected later in life on why, as a young man, he chose to enlist during wartime, Carlos Martinez said that avoiding service was never an option, not for his community and not for himself.

Anti-Suffrage pendant
Emily Bissell fought for opportunities for women. She raised money for public health. So why did she oppose women getting the right to vote?
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