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Treasures of American History

A hat is much more than a practical device for keeping one’s head warm. As a symbol of identity, it also reveals much about the wearer’s occupation, social class, cultural heritage, and personal style. Drawn from the Museum’s vast collections, here is a sampling of hats worn by Americans throughout the centuries.

“Cheesehead” Hat, 1996

Worn by Patricia Hawley, Wisconsin delegate to the Democratic National Convention

Nurse’s Cap, 1945

Worn by Elizabeth Brizindine, graduate of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing

Bride’s Cap, 1929

Worn by Eloise Tasher Moore, South Bend, Indiana

Union Army Campaign Hat, 1861–65

Worn by Gen. William T. Sherman during the Civil War

Construction Hard Hat, 2001

Worn by ironworker Dennis Quinn during the World Trade Center recovery operation

Girl Scout’s Beret, 1956–68