Young children are physical learners and need to be able to run, climb, and move during the day. This movement not only helps develop important motor skills, but also contributes to developing problem solving skills, grit, and determination as they work to navigate the various heights and structures.


Babies quickly move from sitting to crawling to walking and need opportunities to practice and test these skills. Giving babies the chance to explore on their own and encouraging them to try new skills is important in making them feel safe and competent.


It often seems like toddlers never sit still as they use their developing skills to explore the world around them! Toddlers love to climb in, on, and over all sorts of things and allowing them to do this is important in helping them feel confident in their abilities. Let your toddler try to climb while staying close but don’t hover over them so they learn how to trust their own bodies.


We often expect preschool-aged children to be able to sit longer but they need to move just as much as toddlers. Preschoolers love to test their own abilities and to try new experiences as they refine their skills and figure out how to navigate the world. When watching preschoolers, adults often worry that the children will get hurt or take unnecessary risks. Preschoolers need the chance to develop skills throughout their lives and they will rarely attempt an activity that makes them feel unsafe.