Visual Description | “Hanoi Hilton” POW Uniform

This uniform is displayed on a mannequin representing an American prisoner of war detained in the “Hanoi Hilton” prison camp. The display is located in the Vietnam War section of the exhibition The Price of Freedom. The mannequin stands in the front of the case; behind it is a mannequin dressed to represent a North Vietnamese prison guard. Both mannequins are highlighted by focused lighting in the dark, cave-like case, which was built to represent a cell. To the right of the case housing the mannequins is a wall-hung vitrine displaying a variety of objects used by POWs in the prison. 

The uniform of the American prisoner of war resembles a set of cotton pajamas. The top is fastened with a row of fabric ties. Both the uniform top and pants are decorated with alternating red and pink vertical stripes. There is a white patch sewn over the left breast, printed with a derogatory Vietnamese word used to describe American prisoners.