Visual Description | Jupiter Steam Locomotive

The steam locomotive Jupiter is in 1 East in the America on the Move exhibition. As you enter the exhibition, the Jupiter is located immediately inside the entrance of the “Community Dreams: Santa Cruz, California, 1876” vignette. The train is displayed as if it is pulling into a rail stop, with blue sky and clouds in the background. Around the labels in front of the train are figures that depict activities that would have taken place around the railroad in Santa Cruz in 1876. They are made of a cream-colored plaster-like material and their clothing is sculpted. The main group of figures in the foreground stand between two wooden barrels, that you can imagine contain goods that are being transported by rail into or out of Santa Cruz. Figures of a man, a woman, and a girl who look like a family group have their backs to the visitor, posed as if they are talking with the figure of a man wearing a suit and a bowler hat, his arms folded across his chest, leaning back in a self-satisfied way. The figure of another man, in workman’s clothes, holds an oil can and leans forward next to the fuel car of the train.  

The locomotive itself is large and, along with the fuel car attached behind it, dominates the room in which it is displayed. The locomotive has a bright red triangle-shaped pilot or cow catcher on the front. The wheels, fuel car, and other small parts attached to the top of the locomotive are also painted this deep red color with gold accents. The front section of the locomotive is black metal with a black chimney. The top of the chimney funnels out, extending into the air from the leading end of the locomotive. The center section of the locomotive is cylindrical, and the metal is painted gray, with a few vertical gold bands. At the tail end of the locomotive is the wooden cab, or engineer’s compartment, of the train. The word “Jupiter” is stenciled in relief on the side of the cab with a gold paint background. This "American" type engine includes four small red steering wheels in front and four larger driving wheels in the back. 

The fuel car behind the locomotive is made of riveted metal and painted deep red with gold accents. Its eight wheels and undercarriage are painted black. The words “Santa Cruz Railroad Company” are painted in gold letters on its side, with gold and green lines forming a decorative design around the words.