Visual Description | Kennedy Debate Chair

The Kennedy debate chair is in a section titled "Your Home, the Seat of Personal Meaning." This chair is displayed in a long exhibition case with campaign objects you might find in a home that have a political message, such as doorhanger fliers, pamphlets, and kitchen utensils. Smaller objects are on the left side of the case on a large platform and a few smaller shelves above. The right side of the case displays larger objects related to televised political events, such as this chair, a devise for measuring television viewing, and a table with a Kennedy campaign cup. These objects stand directly on the case's floor.  

The Kennedy debate chair is Danish Modern, a mid-century design. It is 42 inches tall and 28 inches wide, and made of teak wood, which has a rich medium brown color to it. The chair's flat arms curve along the same line as the seat below them, to create a thin, flat back to support the sitter. The four thin, turned legs of the chair extend downward from the arm and back rest to the four corners of the chair, and then to the ground. The chair's seat is thin, like the rest of the piece, and bows a bit in the middle. The top of the seat has a thin, golden-brown cushion.