Visual Description | Winchester the horse

Winchester, Union General Philip Sheridan’s horse that carried him through many Civil War battles, is located at the end of the Civil War section of The Price of Freedom exhibition. He fills the large, dimly lit glass case in which he is housed. In the lower right-hand corner on the bottom of the case are bomb shrapnel relics from the Gettysburg Battlefield displayed in a wooden drawer frame. Beside the relics, mounted onto the exhibit label, are decorative ribbons from Grand Army of the Republic encampments and a ribbon representing dead members of the Confederate army.   

Winchester is posed with his front left leg lifted and is mounted on a platform that resembles gravel. He is a large horse, standing over five feet tall at the shoulder. He has jet black hair, with white areas above both his front hooves and rear left hoof. His mane and tail are black. On Winchester’s back is a black saddle blanket, with two rows of gold trim. Sewn on the lower left corner, in gold bullion, is an eagle with its wings outstretched. There are two gold stars above the eagle. The saddle blanket covers the saddle itself. A saddle roll is attached to the back of the saddle with the initial “S” for Sheridan stamped on it. Laying across the front of the saddle is a dark brown leather pistol holster with brass at the base, also monogrammed with the initial “S.” Winchester has a black leather bridle with a brass bit; attached to the reins is a martingale, a strap which fits across his neck and under his chest that would have controlled how high he could raise his head.