DataVote Vote Recorder

As in the Votomatic system, the ballot is a standard-size IBM data processing card. Unlike the Votomatic system, candidate names and referenda issues are printed on the card. The right hand margin along the long edge of the card has corresponding ballot positions which are punched. A punch in a location next to a candidate's name or issue indicates a vote for that candidate or issue. Both sides of the card may be used. When the card is turned over, the new right hand margin edge will be used to punch positions indicating votes.

To vote, the voter slips the ballot card flat in the bed of the ballot holder, so that the names of the candidates and referenda issues to be voted are visible. A punch mounted to a track is moved up and down over the margin of the card. The voter uses the lever of the punching device to force the end of the punch through the ballot card at the location corresponding to the name of the chosen candidate. A hole is formed, and the chad falls into a hollow space in the ballot holder.

After voting, the voter removes the ballot card from the holder and carries it to the precinct card reader. The voter enters the ballot card into the reader, and has completed the voting process. The reader senses which locations on the ballot card have holes. These locations are reported to the software of the computer which summarizes the number of votes for each candidate.

After the close of polls, the results produced by the computer, recorded on a cartridge or diskette, and then taken to a central counting station where the results from all precincts are summarized. Unofficial results may be transmitted electronically.

Photo of DataVote vote recorder

DataVote vote recorder