Direct Recording Electronic Ballot - Full Face

The face of this machine looks very much like the face of the mechanical voting machine, except that the levers are replaced by pushbuttons or micro-switches. If micro-switches are used, they are located under the hard but flexible face of the machine seen by the voter. A privacy curtain may be provided, as with mechanical voting machines. No paper ballots are used.

The voter selects candidates by pushing the buttons or the small boxed areas next to the names of the chosen candidates. When the voter selects a candidate, a light goes on at that location, indicating that the candidate whose name is next to that button or small area has been chosen. The voter will be prevented from selecting more candidates in a contest than is allowable. After the voter has selected all desired candidates, the voter pushes a special button that indicates that all voting is complete. As the voter does so, one is added to each counter that electronically records the votes received by each of the chosen candidates.

At the close of polls, the contents of each counter are transferred to an electronic diskette or cartridge that can be removed from the machine. This cartridge or diskette is carried to a central computer where it is plugged in and its contents copied to the storage of the central computer. The central computer summarizes the results of all voting machines.

Photo of Shouptronic voting machine