one house, five families, 200 years of history

the Scotts

By the end of 1942, Mary Scott and her family were part of the war effort. Mary shopped with ration coupons, planted a victory garden, preserved vegetables in the kitchen, and waited for word of her sons, Roy and Arthur, both in the armed forces.

In the 1940s, Mary's daughter, Annie Scott Lynch, and son-in-law, Richard Lynch (no relation to previous resident Catherine Lynch), moved in here with their young son, Richard, and worked at local war materials plants. The war years weren't all work and worry. When she could, Mary enjoyed taking her grandson to movies at the Strand Theater in Ipswich.


the apartment

By the 1940s, the house was still divided into apartments, but now one was upstairs and one was downstairs. Downstairs, the Scotts' kitchen, heated by a coal-and-wood cooking range, was the center of their household. Roy Scott installed the house's first indoor toilet in the mid-1940s.