one house, five families, 200 years of history

The Patriotic Kitchen

During World War II, the kitchen was the 16 Elm Street command center. Part of Mary Scott's mission was to help win the war on the home front by producing and conserving food and saving tin cans, foil, and leftover fat for recycling into war material.
The government constantly reminded citizens that a frugal household was a patriotic household, and that their private choices had national consequences.

How did Mary Scott support the war effort? 

  • Jars for preserving vegetables she and her grandson grew in a victory garden 
  • Strainer for saving waste fat that could be used in explosives
  • Cookbook with recipes for preparing meals in the face of wartime shortages and rationing
  • Blackout shade to deter potential enemy bombing raids, reproduction

This kitchen was Mary Scott’s command center where she did her part to conserve scarce resources, cared for her grandson while her daughter worked in a munitions factory, and wrote letters to her sons in the armed forces.