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The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is transforming. We’re not just the nation’s attic anymore—we are working to become the most relevant, accessible, and inclusive history museum in the world. We’re taking a hard look at everything we do, including our mission and our vision for the future. But we need your help—this is, after all, *your* museum of American history, and you’re at the heart of everything we do. Can you help us do better work? How can we be more meaningful to you in your everyday life?

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We are reaching out to talk to people across the country and, based on those conversations, we’ll be charting a new path for our future, building up to the country’s 250th birthday in 2026. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and help create the history museum of the future.

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Q: How long does the survey take to complete?
On average the survey takes four minutes to complete.

Q: What will you be doing with this information?
A: We will be using the responses that we collect to help guide our strategic planning process. It’s important for us to ask, listen, learn, and use the feedback of the American people in our process.  

Q: What’s a strategic plan?
A: According to the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), through which NMAH is an accredited organization, a strategic plan is a public-facing document that “produces a mutually agreed-upon vision of where a museum is going and what it wants to achieve.” Learn more at AAM’s website

Learn more about the Smithsonian’s current strategic plan and NMAH’s previous strategic plan

Q: How will I learn more about this process?
A: We will continue to provide updates on our progress. We will also provide updates through our monthly email newsletter

Q: How can I get more involved?
A: You can follow the museum on our social media channels, including our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages. 

Learn more about how to get involved in person, including internships, fellowships, volunteer opportunities, and employment

Q: How will NMAH be evaluating the survey responses?
A: For this initiative we will be working with SOAR (Smithsonian Organization and Audience Research). SOAR is a central planning, research, and evaluation office of the Smithsonian Institution. Learn more about SOAR at their website

Q: What will you do with the results when the survey is completed?
A detailed report will be made publicly available following the conclusion of the survey. The report will be shared out in our email newsletter and on our social media channels.

Q: What’s the timing for this project?
A: This survey will close to the public at the end of March, but the strategic planning process will continue throughout the first half of 2020. We also plan to continue the conversation with you about how we are doing and what we can change to better serve you as *your* American history museum.