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Invention and technology can make the difference between victory and defeat as well as expand the field of who can participate in sports. Change Your Game is a family-friendly, interactive exhibition on the intersection of invention, sports, and technology developed by the museum’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

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Objects from the Collections

Patented by athlete Mike Schultz, the components built into the Moto Knee and Versa Foot controlled the speed and resistance of the artificial joints’ bending and extending during extreme sports, a big improvement over existing prosthesis.
Wheelchair marathoner Arielle Rausin’s 3D printed gloves were hard yet ultra-lightweight, qualities which not only improved Rausin’s technique, but reduced impact and fatigue to her arms and hands.
In the 1970s, inventor Lisa Lindahl and costume designers Hinda Miller and Polly Palmer Smith gave her prototype sports bra the nickname “jock bra” because it was fashioned from jockstraps—men’s athletic supporters. They later renamed it “Jogbra.”

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