General Maritime History Resources

  1. Maritime History on the Net
  2. World Ocean Observatory
  3. Smith’s Master Index to Maritime Museum Websites
  4. Ship Plans from the Smithsonian

Living in the Atlantic World

  1. Early Exploration by Sea
  2. The Triangle Trade
  3. Virginia Gazette [colonial shipping, tobacco, slaves, etc.]
  4. Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck Project
  5. The Spanish Treasure Fleets of 1715 and 1733: Disaster Strike at Sea

Maritime Nation

  1. Mystic Seaport Online Library
  2. National Park Service’s Maritime Heritage Program
  3. Tuckerton Seaport

Fishing for a Living

  1. New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
  2. Whalecraft
  3. 19th Century American Fisheries
  4. Columbia River Salmon

Inland Waterways

  1. PBS: Lewis and Clark
  2. Discovering Lewis and Clark
  3. History of the Ohio River
  4. Maritime Underground Railroad

Ocean Crossings

  1. Norway Heritage: Hands Across the Sea
  2. Maritime Timetable Images
  3. Chinese Immigration to the United States
  4. Chinese Immigration and the Chinese in the United States
  5. Angel Island
  6. S.S. United States

Merchant Ships and Seamen During Wartime

  1. Liberty Ships
  2. Project Liberty Ship: The SS John Brown
  3. National Liberty Ship Memorial S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien
  4. U.S. Latino and Latina WWII Oral History Project

Modern Maritime America

  1. History of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union
  2. History of Sailor’s Union of the Pacific
  3. Containerization
  4. APL Website
  5. Maritime Administration Education Page
  6. Fishwatch-U.S. Seafood Facts
  7. Voices from the Fisheries Oral History Project
  8. United States Coast Guard Historian’s Office
  9. US Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Data Center: Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center
  10. Marine Traffic

Underwater Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

  1. Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology
  2. Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001
  3. UNESCO: The Underwater Cultural Heritage Film
  4. The "Looting Question" Bibliography
  5. International Council on Monuments and Sites

Maritime Art

  1. The Marine Art Information Center
  2. Exploring Themes in American Art: Marine Painting
  3. Maritime Art Greenwich